My Cloud Light

Your Personal Fun Cloud coming soon!
From table top to large hanging sizes! With prices starting at $179!
Coming soon: Pre-order now and get a discount!



MyCloudLight in Rainbow Mode, just one of the light modes you can set.
SuperCell Lights start at $579

Buy One $129
Special Pricing

Entry level Cloud Light.
Vertical design. 
No sound. Touch base cycles throught the different light modes.
Limited Quantity Available.

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BerryLan is a open source app that will help you connect your Controllus cloud light to your wifi so you can control it via your web browser. Power on your cloud, open the app and select MyCloudLight Setup and enter your Wifi info. 


Nymea App

Our Controllus offers connection to smart object and IOTs devices using the open soource Nymea. You can download thier app here.


Web Controller

Once your cloud is connected using the BerryLan App click the button below to connect to your cloud. Please note that this device need to be connected to the same network. Interface is designed to best fit smartphones. 


Our entry level light: Lightning, Rainbow, Snow Sparkle, NightLight (fades down over two hours) or pastel sparkle. Pre-Order now and save $30! Normally $179, now $149!
Light Size is about 15 inches wide. Single light mode, no sound.

Single Light Mode Setting
Single Light Mode

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